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Moving from conflict to peacekeeping: 42 Cambodian peacekeepers sent to Chad and Central African Republic for first time E-mail

Office of the UN Resident Coordinator Cambodia
Phnom Penh, 16 November 2009

logo_uncambodiaA great deal has changed in Cambodia over the last few decades. There were UN peacekeepers throughout the country in the not so distant past, but today, with the country stable and at peace, Cambodia is sending peacekeepers to some of the most troubled nations in the world.

A farewell ceremony at Pochentong Airbase Saturday marked the departure of Cambodia’s fifth group of peacekeeping troops. Forty-two members of Movement Control Contingent 306, trained in UN peacekeeping operations, are headed to Chad and Central African Republic for a one-year assignment.

“Cambodia can be proud of the changes that have made this day possible,” noted UN Resident Coordinator Douglas Broderick at the farewell ceremony. “It is remarkable to see the transition this country has made from being a country where peacekeeping forces were required, to becoming a contributor to UN peacekeeping operations.”

More than most countries, Cambodia knows first-hand the value of peace, stability and safety. Cambodia’s strong commitment to peace has led the Royal Government of Cambodia to provide essential security and support to those in conflict, and to contribute to peace and stability throughout the world.

The UN recognises the Cambodian Government’s commitment and remains committed to working harder with Government, the international community and the Cambodian military to continue to offer humanitarian assistance wherever it is needed.

Over the past three years, Cambodia has sent 468 deminers to work in Sudan, and 197 officers to multi-national peacekeeping operations training in Bangladesh, Indonesia and Mongolia. Cambodia’s integration in the UN’s peacekeeping forces reflects its increasing integration with the rest of the world, as well as recognition of the importance of peace, stability and safety.

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