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The United Nations Country Team is made up of 27 specialised agencies, funds and programmes working together for peace, poverty reduction and human rights in Cambodia. Detailed information about the work of the United Nations in Cambodia is available by clicking on the links listed under the UN Family.

The United Nations Country Team is committed to supporting national development efforts and has identified four areas within the Government's "Rectangular Strategy" where the UN can collectively make a difference.

The UN Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF 2011-2015) outlines the United Nations work across these five areas of national priority:

  • By 2015, more people living in Cambodia benefit from, and participate in, increasingly equitable, green, diversified economic growth
  • By 2015, more men, women, children and young people enjoy equitable access to health and education
  • By 2015, all women, men, girls and boys are experiencing a reduction in gender disparities and progressively enjoying and exercising equal rights
  • By 2015, national and sub-national institutions are more accountable and responsive to the needs and rights of all people living in Cambodia and increase participation in democratic decision-making
  • By 2015, more people, especially the poor and vulnerable,benefit from improved social safety net (SSN) and social security programmes, as an integral part of a sustainable national social protection system

Guiding the development work of the United Nations Country Team is the belief that eradicating poverty, investing in human development and improving livelihoods are necessary conditions for creating lasting peace, equity and prosperity in Cambodia.

In partnership with the Royal Government and the people of Cambodia, the United Nations Country Team is working to ensure that all Cambodians, especially those most excluded and vulnerable, are alleviated from abject poverty and injustice.

Please see the attached UN Cambodia Country Kit for a thorough overview of UN Cambodia development priorities, CMDG progress, and individual UN agency efforts in the country.


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