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Goal 3: Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women E-mail

Status: Gender parity in upper secondary school is almost on track – at 72.9 out of a projected 74. In tertiary education, however, gender parity is slightly off-track (at 57.5 out of a projected 61.5). The Ratio Literate Females to Males for 15-24 year olds is on track (96 out of planned 95) but for 25-44 year old women, it is off track, which requires some attention as it impacts on poverty, health and education outcomes.

Gender parity in agricultural and industrial wage employment are on track (56% and 44% respectively), but is off track in the service sector (30%). More attention needs to be paid to women in the informal economy, a critical but vulnerable source of livelihood.

Progress has been achieved in women’s representation in elected position. Although women representation at commune level is slightly off track, there is noticeable progress at the National Assembly, in appointed deputy positions at provincial and secretary of state.

Challenges: Women are still underrepresented in top decision-making positions, provincial governors, secretaries of state, and ministers, except for the secretary of state level; the situation has not improved or has regressed.

Awareness among the general public that violence against women is illegal and wrong has improved substantially, but acceptance of violence still remains high and the availability and use of professional help and legal recourse are also very low.

The Way Forward: Addressing the attitudes and behavior which underlie gender-based violence and sexual exploitation, and the stigmatization of the victims of violence, as well as increasing the protection and counseling options available to victims thus remain a challenge. These have been taken as new indicators to be followed in the NSDP update and priority actions for MoWA.

Percent of women holding seats or in positions
Source: MoWA. "Current Value" varies from 2007 to 2009


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