National UN Volunteer

National UN Volunteer

National UN Volunteers are volunteers mobilized by UNV on the request of a programme country to support peace and development programmes in that country. Together with international UN Volunteers and other UN project personnel, national UN Volunteers contribute to a programme or project, the neutrality and visibility of the United Nations and the institutional back-up of the UN system. Compared with other UN personnel, national UN Volunteers add value with their knowledge of local languages, cultural, social and economic conditions, and their capacity to work at the local level. National UN Volunteers are particularly well-placed to nurture capacities at the community level, foster ownership and sustainability, and contribute to achieving the MDGs.

National UN Volunteer Profile

Given the very wide variety of roles that are entrusted to national UN Volunteers, and the equally wide variety of duty stations where they may be located (from capital city to small town or village), there is no typical profile for a national UN Volunteer. For each national UN Volunteer assignment, specific requirements in terms of education, age and experience as well as required competencies are set out in the individual Description of Assignment. The national UN Volunteer living allowance can vary from one location to another, where there are substantial differences in basic living costs, but all national UN Volunteers in a given location receive the same allowance, regardless of age, qualifications or experience except where young UN Volunteers are recruited under a youth modality whose living expenses may be relatively lower than those of mature volunteers.

How to become a National UN Volunteer in Cambodia?

As for international UN Volunteers, the following criteria apply:

  • Hold a university degree or higher technical diploma
  • Minimum of two years of relevant working experience
  • Minimum age when taking up the assignment (there is no upper age limit): 22 years old
  • Good working knowledge in at least one of the three UNV working languages: English, French and Spanish


Nationality and residency status:

National UN Volunteers must be one of the following:

  • nationals of Cambodia;
  • legally resident in Cambodia or territory with the status of refugee; or
  • legally resident in Cambodia or territory with the status of being stateless.


UNV recognizes only one nationality for a volunteer assignment. National UN Volunteers mobilized under a “UN Youth Volunteer” modality, will be governed under separate conditions of service.

Maximum periods for national UN Volunteering

A person may serve for a maximum of 4 years under national UN Volunteer assignments. The period served as a national UN Volunteer will be reset and the person may serve again up to a maximum of 4 years as a national UN Volunteer after a lapse of 10 years after completion of the last national or international UN Volunteer assignment. The maximum period of national UN Volunteering will only be reset once during a lifetime.


How to apply?

All national UN Volunteer assignments open for recruitment are advertised on our UNV Cambodia website. (there are currently none available but we invite you to visit our website and Facebook page frequently for the latest information since positions are normally open for applications only during 2 weeks).

Interested and qualified persons should visit the National UN Volunteer Online Application website to submit their applications.

UNV Cambodia no longer accepts general applications by email. All applicants should submit their applications through the National UN Volunteer Online Application. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted to proceed to the next steps.